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  The Hill Education Campus is home to a variety of unique programs which serve the diverse needs of the Novato Community and School District.

Central to the Campus are three distinctive and award winning alternative educations programs: NOVA Independent Study, Nexus Academy, and Marin Oaks High School.  Here students pursue their passions and achieve success above and beyond the traditional classroom.  These alternative programs also help to support and meet students needs in order to provide an environment where all can succeed.

Located in the two south buildings is Novato Unified School District’s exciting Early Intervention Program, where the youngest members of our community receive comprehensive services to prepare them for success in the District Schools

Hill Education Campus is also honored to host a variety of Community Partners who collaborate and support our various missions in serving the Novato Community.  It is through these productive relationships that NUSD not only supports students in the classroom, but also the families and households they are part of, to create a healthy, thriving community.

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