Welcome to the Registrar’s Desk

The Registrar’s Desk at Hill Education Center maintains and provides access to school transcripts for students formerly and currently attending MOHS and  NOVA.  If you have a question about the transcript request process please email the registrar for more details.

Terrie Baum

Hill Education Center Registrar

[email protected]


If you are a current year graduate and need to request your final transcript be sent to the school you will be attending next fall please come into the Hill Education Center office and provide us with a stamped, letter sized envelope addressed to the school you wish to have it sent to. There is no charge to current year graduates to send a final transcript, but final transcripts are NOT sent automatically, they must be requested.

Former students:

  • Transcripts are $5.00 each (cash, check, or money order only please)

Transcripts will be processed within 5- 10 business days.

The office is closed the first 3 weeks of July for summer break; ORDER EARLY.

Hill Education Center will not send SAT/ACT/AP scores. The college testing board must release all test scores.